Courier Terms and Conditions

D5Courier Courier Signup

Become an Independant Contractor for D5Courier!


     Minimum $7 paid per delivery!
     Turn on your availability whenever you'd like to be available for Jobs
     Complete jobs in Kamloops and area, earn extra for RUSH jobs.
     Discover your city and earn extra money!


Get paid monthly, with payments sent to you on the 1st of every month for the prior months jobs!



Late model vehicle in great running order

Android 6.0+ / Iphone 8 or newer smartphone with minimum 2Gb Data

WCB coverage with POP

Optional TDG Registration with WHMIS training

Minimum 1 year driving with Class 5 license

Clean Driving Record, and Clean Background Check


Note: we are only hiring and onboarding new drivers as our order volume increases, drivers are hired based on order of when we received the applications. So sometimes you may not hear from us until we get to your application in the order. Stay tight and you will hear from us soon as we keep growing and scaling.


How to use our app and start working once you're approved for driving with D5Courier:

1. You will be notified via e-mail that you've been approved to drive for D5Courier.  In the e-mail will be a link to download the driver app.. 

2. Download the driver app, setup your password, and log in using your email and password.

3. Click on the top left "accordion" button,  and switch on your availability.  It will turn green.

4. Have yourself available for jobs, preferrably between 8 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

5. Our dispatch will assign you orders based on your location and route. Pickup, deliver and earn on your own time!



COURIER TERMS OF SERVICE: (May be amended from time to time)

1. Driver Agents are owner/operated contractors. This means you are responsible to file your own tax as D5Courier will not deduct any tax etc from your earnings.

2. As a contractor, you are free to work for other courier or companies while working D5Courier. No restrictions.

3. Contractors are paid monthly by e-transfer. Ensure your banking e-mail and contact information is kept current within your profile at all times.

4. D5Courier pays the Driver Agent a minimum of 50% up to 80% from each invoice before taxes, dependant on level of services provided.

5. Driver agents should always act and look professional and friendly during pickups and drop-offs.

6. Never use coarse language while on duty.

7. Always keep packages secure from any damages and theft.

8. Do not open any packages, if in doubt please contact dispatch.

9. Driver Agents are not allowed to promote similar or competitor businesses to our customers.

10. Always communicate with our dispatch, and follow our dispatch's instructions.

11. Update order status via the Driver Agent app.

12.  Full non-disclosure and confidentialty of customer data, clients, and information shall be maintained at all times indefinitely, including post termination of this agreement.

13. Couriers will use due care and caution in the operation of their delivery vehicle and will strictly comply with all safe driving rules of the road, including all speed limits, posted directional signs and parking regulations. Under no circumstances will a courier operate their delivery vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or when their physical or mental condition may be otherwise impaired.

14.  The vehicle in use for delivery services will: Be maintained in good condition and repair. Comply with all rules and regulations governing safe and unlawful operation. Comply with all the guidelines established at time to time for servicing this contract for completion of jobs for D5Courier.

 15. Upon applying for independant contractor status at D5Courier, You will be required to provide a driving record from ICBC. You agree to provide updated driving reports upon request and will immediately notify D5Courier if you are involved in any accidents or receive any subsequent citations while still maintaining a contractor status with D5Courier.

16. I understand that any violation of this Agreement or of any of the standards, procedures or guidelines applicable to my Independant Contractor courier status may result in termination of the contract. In particular, I acknowledge the need for utmost safety and due care in the operation of my delivery vehicle and in the conduct of delivery services.

17. I agree to maintain my automobile insurance (including coverage for Courier Use, Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Liability) AT ALL TIMES while using my vehicle for delivery and will inform D5Courier if my insurance coverage is changed, canceled or not renewed.

18. I understand that MY insurance is responsible if I am involved in an accident that causes injury or damage to another person and/or their property. I am also aware that D5Courier's insurance DOES NOT cover my vehicle for comprehensive or collision coverage.